The mission of Saud Abi-Jurhum Research Society for Multidisciplinary Research (SARSMR) is to strive to meet the needs of all members of the scientific & social studies of academics, and social and professional researchers, and unite their efforts and work to support publication and scientific research and provide excellent training and development of professional practice.

SARSMR is dedicated to the development of research management professionals; the promotion of the profession of research management; and the advancement of the research enterprise. The society fulfills its mission through:

  • A strong, agile and resilient network of research management professionals at all levels and in a variety of settings through personal relationships and professional collaborations, presentations, formal and informal meetings and publications;
  • Development and promotion of international best practices for research management that is responsive to the changing factors that influence the research environment; and
  • Enhancement of the interface between researchers and research management professionals.