Saud Abi-Jurhum Research Society for Multidisciplinary Research (SARSMR) is the Saudi association of research management professionals. Since its founding in 1999, the SARSMR network has grown to involve more than 3500 members from universities, independent research institutions, government and health and research organizations from across the Gulf region including Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, UAE, Qatar, Oman, Kuwait, and Bahrain.

Saud Abi-Jurhum Research Society for Multidisciplinary Research (SARSMR) pursues activities in public in the development of theoretical knowledge and applied research, consultancy and scientific studies in the social sphere, the public and private sectors, according to the provisions contained in the rules governing scientific societies in Saudi universities.

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Saud Abi-Jurhum Research Society for Multidisciplinary Research (SARSMR) cultivates collaboration between academics and practitioners as a means of accelerating thought leadership in the field of Scientific & Social Research. We nurture and disseminate cutting-edge research in order to advance the practice of Scientific & Social Research, address economic challenges, and positively impact society around the world.


The mission of Saud Abi-Jurhum Research Society for Multidisciplinary Research (SARSMR) is to strive to meet the needs of all members of the scientific & social studies of academics, and social and professional researchers, and unite their efforts and work to support publication and scientific research and provide excellent training and development of professional practice.

SARSMR is dedicated to the development of research management professionals; the promotion of the profession of research management; and the advancement of the research enterprise. The society fulfills its mission through:

  • A strong, agile and resilient network of research management professionals at all levels and in a variety of settings through personal relationships and professional collaborations, presentations, formal and informal meetings and publications;
  • Development and promotion of international best practices for research management that is responsive to the changing factors that influence the research environment; and
  • Enhancement of the interface between researchers and research management professionals.

Our Values

At SARSMR, we strive hard to find the most recent discoveries and changes, as well as the most concerning matters in various fields and subfields of applied and social sciences. We try to enlighten our stakeholders by arranging fascinating presentations, seminars, workshops and roundtables, and so much more. Moreover, we have gathered a healthy bunch of important academic and professional experts, who facilitate thought-provoking conversations, and interesting debates, as well as gain unique insights and perspectives.

SARSMR values Equity and diversity in the profession of research management. As a responsible research body we set high standards of research governance including the uncompromising protection of the integrity and the ethics of research.



The Board continuously protects and enhances stakeholders’ long-term value by taking responsibility for the Society’s overall corporate governance.

Professor Dr. Salman Sabih Al Sudairi


Professor Dr. Khaled Mohammed Masri

Deputy Chairman

Dr. Hassan Moejeb Attar


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